As one of the fastest growing and most popular roofing materials in North America in recent years, it is not difficult to see why so many homeowners are choosing to install white membrane roofs in their property. Recent figures indicate within the USA alone, EPDM roof accounts for over 1 billion of square feet of new roof annually and represents approximately 35 percent of the full roofing market in the states. The surge in popularity of the roofing type can also be seen by virtue of the fact that the industry share of white membrane roofing in Europe has also grown in recent years and now stands at roughly 12%. Other areas are more difficult to determine but it's clear to see that this roofing type is also growing in popularity in China, the Middle East and Latin America too.


The simple truth of the matter is that white membrane roof is superior to other kinds of roofing for a vast array of reasons. If you are seeking a plastic roof that will last quite a while, then you need to strongly consider white membrane roofing. On average, this roof type will last about 50 years but can continue to be effective for up to 70 years, if preserved and updated correctly. White membrane roofs are extremely durable against wind, excessive rain and maybe even fire. In addition to this, white membrane roof is ozone and UV secure, which means that the materials themselves are very nonperishable and can last decades without very much depreciation.