If we at Precious Roofing, LLC had a buck for every time we discovered a few of the following mistruths or overall inaccuracies about green roofs, then we'd be rich!. The truth is that the innovative and environmentally-friendly character of green roofs mean that some people today believe they're too good to be true but the reality is that lots of the 'facts' about green roofs are anything but. Three of the biggest misconceptions which exist when it comes to green roof systems comprise:

  • Green Roofs Are Costly to Irrigate - The simple fact of the matter is that the irrigation and watering needs of your green roof are all entirely dependent on the type of roof that you opt for. While, it is a fact that certain homeowners choose a green roof, which needs sedum or other kinds of vegetation that's expensive to irrigate, this is not obligatory. Other homeowners may create idyllic green roofs with brush, trees or other vegetation that requires far less upkeep or costs.
  • You Can Make Your Own Green Roof With Some Dirt - If we were to analyze the problems of doing it when it comes to green roofs then that might be a substantial and costliest error. The simple truth of the matter is that creating a great green roof entails a whole lot more than some fantastic potting soil on it. Before even 1 ounce of soil, dirt or any other plant is planted on your roof, so it's essential to have your home's structure analyzed to determine whether it has the strength and integrity to deal with a green roof.
  • Green Roofs Are Simply Too Expensive and Complicated - Many homeowners have been confounded by green roofs because they simply don't know where to start or how much it will cost them to set up and maintain and while a number of these concerns are real, the fact of the matter is choosing the correct group of professionals is one of the safest method of ensuring your prices are kept to a minimum.