Perhaps the most overlooked advantage of a tar and gravel roofing is that it may continue to save you and your family hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars each year on energy bills. Once correctly set up, as all Precious Roofing, LLC 's tar and gravel roofs are, this added advantage may wind up reducing your heating and heating costs dramatically. The easy truth of the matter is that 2 inches of spray foam under the tar roof can reduce the interior temperature of your home by as much as ten degrees in summer months.


If you're looking for a tar and gravel roof service that will endure the test of time it is necessary to ensure that you undertake the proper maintenance work. A quick and easy way of strengthening the longevity and durability of your home's roof is by employing a new acrylic 'cool roof' coating which may further weatherproof your pitch and gravel roof. Similarly, if your tar and gravel roof is beginning to show signs of tear and wear then this can be readily repaired by patching the roofing membrane. However, while this is a relatively straight-forward undertaking to finish, the simple fact of the matter is that if the repair work isn't completed correctly then it's likely that escapes may reoccur over and over. Unfortunately, the more fix functions you require undertaken on your house, the less structural integrity that the roofing possesses.

As a general guideline, we suggest that if over 25 percent of your home's roof was repaired or requires repairs, then it's probably time to get a replacement to take place. If you're unsure of the quality of your roof then a quick walk along its surface to observe how it feels beneath your feet should help in this respect. Sings for depressions, cracking, discoloration and deteriorated surfaces can provide a clearer idea on this issue.